11 Easy Embroidery Designs Patterns for Beginners


Once you familiarize yourself with basic stitches, you will find that they are the foundation to those more elaborate stitches that once seemed too difficult to tackle. Here are 11 Easy Embroidery Designs Patterns for Beginners.

How to Choose Right Embroidery Fabrics

When it comes to the appearance of an end product of a hand embroidery work, proper selection of fabric plays an immensely important role. As the foundation of your craftsmanship, the fabric holds the ability to build or destroy the final look of your finished product. Though choosing the perfect fabric for your project doesn’t need a comprehensive knowledge of all types of fabrics available, it’s important to remember that your chosen type of embroidery plays an important role too. There are some factors that you should take under consideration while choosing fabric for a successful hand embroidery project.

10 Basic Embroidery Stitches You Need to Know

The art of embroidery comprises of unlimited patterns and to realize the patterns, you need to understand some basic hand embroidery stitches. Though performing some complex stitches could appear like an uphill task and are time-consuming, a good understanding of fundamental hand embroidery stitches and regular practice of those would help you handle the job in a much easier way. Once you’ve mastered the basics, the complicated stitches would be easier to do because you will already have a solid grasp of the basic ones that serve as the basis on which the complex ones are created. Here, we’ve jotted down ten basic hand embroidery stitches that would essentially help you build a solid foundation of embroidery.

10 Cheap & Cute Embroidery Gift Ideas For Celebrations- Part 2

Many people are simply difficult to shop for. They may have expensive interests or their interests encompass a number of things leaving you confused when it comes to birthday gifts. One of the best ways to avoid this conundrum is getting personalized birthday gifts. Now, practically speaking, people don’t have that much time to sit and hone their embroidery expertise to craft a specialty gift that will be remembered for long. For personalized birthday gifts, take help of embroidery digitizing where machine embroidery takes care of the sewing part of your design while digitizing help the machine to bring the design to life.

10 Cheap & Cute Embroidery Gift Ideas for Celebrations – Part I

Starting anything new at any stage of life is a challenge for anyone – no matter how old they are at that particular stage. However, the situation changes for good when you have a companion who can help you all the way through your journey. The same companion acts as a guide and provides you with tips until you master the new technique.

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