About our team

We started Cool Embroidery Designs from the comfort of our home in 2005, just as a skill we loved. Never did we imagine that our little passion project would start gaining so much love and popularity among embroiders and printers around the Globe. Our family of embroiderers and printers kept growing and so did our team of digitzers and now we have a team of more than 20 designers and IT professionals. Before we know it, Cool Embroidery Designs had become a popular brand.

Embroidery digitzing and vectorizing is our passion and this shows no sign of slowing down. We excel in custom embroidery digitizing and vector artwork and these services are loved by our customers. We believe custom embroidery and vector artwork is where we get to showcase the expertise of our designers. Our customers count on us for our quick turnaround time and a competitive flat rate pricing structure with no hidden charges involved. We always surprise our visitors on our website with cool giveaways or discounts so don’t forget to engage with us whenever you visit our website.